Ashland Gallery Association’s Announcement of A Taste of Ashland





Taste food and wines in Ashland’s best art galleries.

“We come as a group every year. It’s such great event – we would’ miss it!”

“A Taste of Ashland is the perfect complement to our visit to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.”

“Someone did a lot of work to make our visit easy. The map, brochure, and other information are great.”

Get your tickets today!

Don’t forget your A Taste of Ashland wine glass lanyard. For sale at the Plaza Information booth.

It’s hard to believe that A Taste of Ashland is just two weeks away. Tickets are selling fast – it is going to be an amazing tasting year. We have new restaurants, wineries, hard cider, and galleries. 

We have several new galleries this year including the Southern Oregon University’s Schneider Museum of Art and a pop up gallery in the Ashland Springs Hotel Crystal Room featuring Ashland Gallery Association artists, Grizzly Peak wines and Larks delicious food. Also new this year is Summit & Field and PUSH Gallery. A Taste of Ashland is on Saturday and Sunday, April 25th and 26th from noon to 4p.m. You can follow a map to 17 galleries, to discover Ashland’s best restaurants and the region’s best

“A Taste of Ashland is the ultimate Ashland experience!” says Jeff Jones, Event Coordinator. “Tasters stroll leisurely through the quaint town of Ashland all afternoon, experiencing the best of Ashland art, food and wine, then have time to relax and attend an Oregon Shakespeare Festival performance in the evening. What could be better!”

A Taste 2015 will feature many of Ashland’s newest restaurants and Southern Oregon wineries.  Tickets are on sale now at our website.

– Ashland Gallery Association

Featured Artist Mike Mikutowski – Mikutowski Woodworking

Mikutowski Woodworking is known for its excellence in design, function and workmanship. The finest domestic and exotic hardwoods are used in order to be consistent with the quality of these functional pieces. Each piece is inspected before it leaves the shop and is packed with a wood description card of all the woods used in the piece.


“My inspiration comes from the natural world around us. I see shapes and designs wherever I go. I walk or ski in the woods every morning and I see new shapes in the world around me that are so gorgeous that I am inspired to try to make them work in the woodworking shop. Sometimes it takes a few years before I use a design or pattern that I have seen. I draw every day and save all of my drawings. It is fun to see where the designs originate, sometimes I am surprised at how long ago I sketched something.” – Mike Mikutowski



Choose from jewelry boxes and ring boxes, expertly crafted by the master, Mike Mikutowski. We’re thinking ahead for Mother’s Day…

Featured Artist Robert E. Jones

The Gallery is now showing a new line called “Baltic by Design”.  The pieces are proudly designed and manufactured in the USA and the business is Veteran owned by Robert E. Jones.  Each striking piece is laser cut from a single piece of Baltic Birch, then glued into an intricate design that is both beautiful and durable.  We are carrying votive candle holders, coasters, medium bowls, and large bowls.

Introducing Ashland Local Artist Joan Cohen


“I am a new resident of Ashland and I am loving every moment of a vibrant life here. I have worked in ceramic for about thirty years in Los Angeles and was a landscape designer by profession. I enjoy etching designs into my work, particularly women, flowers and fruits, while using bright, bold colors to show the subjects off.” – Joan Cohen



Joan’s art is as whimsical, spirited and sweet as she is. It is a pleasure to have her brighten up our Gallery with her art and her visits.

Introducing Kutula Kiss Designs

Kutula Kiss designs are made by indigenous people and single moms from Bogota, the Kamsá tribe, the Wayuu tribe and many other skilled artisans living in Columbia, South America. Kutula, in the South African language, means “peace”, which is what Kutula Kiss wants to share with the world through its delicately, hand crafted, shimmering bracelet designs.


These bracelets aren’t made in some industrial warehouse in a cosmopolitan city. Kutula Kiss is a Fair Trade company that is consciously dedicated to ensuring sound futures for artisans, their families and their communities. This is something that Nimbus and our customers can feel good about.

Each bracelet is a one-of-a-kind that shows exquisite care to detail and the individual artisan’s care, rich traditions, culture and craft making ability. The bracelets are hip, fashion-minded, delicate, and beautifully crafted with Japanese glass beads, .925 silver elements and charms, crystals, loomed threads, and hand woven, macramé closures.

Come see the “Layers of Grey” Collection in the Women’s Department. With these bracelets, you can “Kiss the World”… as Kutula Kiss likes to say.