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MAY 2016

Nimbus Ashland

One of Ashland’s most appealing features is that there are beautiful things to be found everywhere you look, including in our many charming, one-of-a-kind shops. Nimbus, at 25 E. Main Street (across from the Plaza), is one such shop and has long been a favorite among locals and visitors who appreciate artfully designed, beautiful clothing.

At Nimbus, you can find that perfect clothing item or accessory, the one you will wear and treasure for years. Since 1971, the store has been dressing many of our region’s most fashionable women and men.

“Nimbus selects the most interesting and best-made clothing and footwear for women and men,” said store owner Ken Silerman. “We strive to offer the best in current style without stumbling into the ‘trendy.’ In our Gallery we carry the  extraordinary work of artists working all over the United States. I hope that every item we sell, be it clothing,  footwear or treasures for the home, gets used and loved by those who purchase them.”

Ken took over ownership of Nimbus in 1983, after moving here from Pennsylvania, where he majored in economics at Penn State.

“My major in college actually had little to do with my career,” he acknowledges. “Chance brought me here and chance has seen me through.  I learned on the job and learn more every day.”
In fact, he was initially “led” to Ashland by the woman who would eventually become his wife, Gayle, whom he met at Penn State. (Sadly, Gayle died a few years, and Ken is now remarried to Joy Bannon). He also fell in love with the town, and raves about its scenic beauty, skiing and hiking opportunities, “incredible” restaurants, and theater.

“I love, love, love Ashland,” he says. “It is arguably the best small town in America, maybe the world.”
Although chance might have played a large part in Ken’s choice of career, nothing is left to chance when it comes to caring about his customers. “I’m very proud of my staff, who believe as I do in delivering  a great experience to every customer,” Ken says.

That great experience means that every customer enjoys his visit to the store, even if it’s just to browse. Staff pride themselves on being knowledgeable about the items they sell. And if they help you find that “just-right” item for a special someone, they will gift-wrap it for free.
The store has also recently added the Komarov line of beautiful women’s clothes. After 25 years as a costume designer and four Emmy awards for her work, Russian-born Shelley Komarov decided to create her own line of ready-to-wear dresses. The clothing, which is all made in America, can be found exclusively at Nimbus.

One visit to Nimbus will show you that even after decades of doing business in Ashland, Ken still loves what he does.

“It has been worth every bit of effort it takes. I want to say ‘thank you’ to every person who has ever purchased something at Nimbus or who’s just come in and thanked us for being here. It’s been a privilege.”

For more info, call 541-482-3621 or visit and (for men’s clothes). You can also like them on Facebook.