The Nimbus Recycle, Reduce, Reuse Program

We here at Nimbus value healthy lifestyles and believe in conservation and sustainability. So naturally, as good Oregonians and conscious inhabitants of our planet Earth, we have a long history of recycling, reducing and reusing.

Maybe you have wondered what happens to all the merchandise packing materials, that come from our vendors, who ship us our goods for sale?  For example, when we receive our Men’s shirts they go through a process of receiving, unpacking, unwrapping, unfolding, and distribution of packing materials to recycling. Then the shirts are put on hangars, steamed, and we hand write tags with information and pricing. A box of shirts contains several shirts that come in their own plastic bag. When opening the bag and starting to unfold the shirt, it has a hard plastic collar surround, a hard plastic front collar closure, metal pins, metal clips, plastic clips, cardboard in both the collar and as a back board for stability and tissue to separate the fabric layers. Needless to report, we receive a large number of shirts and we get buried in packing materials!

We just wanted you to know that we responsibly separate, recycle, reduce and reuse. Boxes are stored in our box room and saved for shipping orders or they are collapsed and recycled as corrugated cardboard. We reuse the metal pins by giving them to the tailor shop or we recycle the pins along with the metal clips. We reuse the tissue in our Gallery Department to wrap fragile items or use it as packing material. We take our soft plastic bags to the recycling center. And lastly, in conjunction with our recycling partner, Standing Stone Brewery, we bring our clear hard plastic to their receptacle, which in turn, they take to the recycling center.

Plastic Bag RecycleMetal Recycle BoxHard Plastic Recycle Box

Nimbus: Lighting the way to “Going Green”

Here at Nimbus, we’ve made a big change.

As an clothing store, shoe store, and art gallery, lighting is one of the most important aspects of our store.  We need people to see what great pieces of art we have and recognize the quality of work that goes into the shoes and clothing that we sell.  In fact, our Men’s shirts are considered a curated collection because every shirt we sell is a limited edition design.  So you can understand why lighting might be important.

Because of this, we have over 125 lights which illuminate our store.  When it came time to start replacing these lights, we took a huge step and decided to switch to LED lights.

So what’s so special about these new lights?


To start, the Halogen lights we used to have were 50W and the LED lights run at 7W.  These LED lights are using more than 80% less energy and also produce much less heat.  This means we have brighter lights for less energy and run the air conditioner less often.


In addition to this, the LED lights are closer to natural light, which allows for matching colors more successfully, which is important when adding artwork to your life.



Here is a website explaining the benefits of LED lights:


This is the next step in a greener future and Nimbus is the first to be entirely LED lit in the Ashland area.  We hope this inspires other businesses to do the same and pave the way to a sustainable city.