Bionica Footwear for Women

Bionica is a progressive collection of lightweight footwear that is engineered for freedom of movement and flexibility. They are streamlined in order to focus on essential elements of comfort.

“Experience 360-degrees of comfort with premium lightweight leather uppers, a virtually weightless construction for a glove-like fit, comfortable foam padding that cushions every step, and a slip-resistant anatomically correct performance outsole.”


“ultralight upper” – Lightweight genuine leather upppers
“ultralight outsole” – Lightweight MaxumLite®Performance PU Outsole
“ultralight” – Lightweight glove-like construction
“premium leather” – Genuine leather uppers for breathability and durability
“freefit construction” – Lightweight construction for a glove-like fit. Foam padding cushions and supports.
“slip resistant” – Slip-resistant MaxumLite®Performance PU Outsole


Elana Kattan Women’s Collection

Elana Kattan creates the perfect silhouette, while keeping in mind the figure of a real woman. Through each step of her production process, she carefully selects fabric and consciously designs in order to make her visions come to life.

She was born in Tel Aviv to a textile family and later moved to Paris where she found herself immersed in a culture of design. In Paris, fashion and lifestyle were regarded as one and the same. From this experience, Elana developed a passion for European couture and it is still a prominent influence in her works today.

Come see pieces from her “Ynez” collection in our Women’s Department!

Restock Your Closet After New Year’s Closet Purge!

We have an array of new collections arriving just in time to fill your closet after that “New Year’s Closet Purge!” 

Change is in the air and New Year’s resolutions abound. Finding our way through life’s challenges, stepping out of our comfort zones, challenging ourselves to a new adventure or traveling somewhere we’ve never been, can all be wonderful life-changing experiences.

Embracing change can be scary, but also rewarding.  As they say “the one constant in life is change”. Change can also translate into changing up what is in our closets. A change in lifestyle or career can leave you with a closet of clothing that no longer fits the “new you!” Remember, Nimbus is here to help; we’ve got your back (literally)! Our style advisers have studied the variety of body shapes and know what styles will flatter your best features. And, our Nimbus staff knows that giving honest opinions about fit and style will ensure the belief in the old adage that, “if you don’t look good, we don’t look good!”

As a buyer for women’s clothing, I encourage women to take risks with fashion. Sometimes the biggest risk is just daring to try something on or taking our word that a particular garment would look amazing on you.

It’s difficult to make a clothing change without being willing to try on things that you normally wouldn’t. Nimbus clothing begs to be tried on. Our European inspired clothing collections look quite different on the hanger; they need the addition of the female form in order to be complete.

These days I look forward to my New Year’s Closet Purge. Not only do I make room for a few more quality items, but I also get that instant feeling of happiness by donating my gently worn clothing to one of my favorite organizations; The Hospice Unique Resale Boutique, in Ashland.

Due to arrive in February…and in time for Valentine’s Day!!


SKINCANDO:  100% natural and organic face and eye cream which provides hydration and diminishes fine lines.


HARPSTONE GALLERY EARRINGS:  Lovely, everyday jewelry with unique bead and wire designs, plus a great price! These earrings are under $30.00!

Harpstone Gallery Earrings

STELLINA: We love this modern, comfy, stylishly sexy line.  These pajamas and luxurious loungewear is 100% cotton!

KOMAROV:  :  This clothing collection combines unique fabric processing, signature detailing, natural conformity to the wearer’s body shape and hand printed pieces of which no two are exactly the same. The garments are hand and/or machine washable, wrinkle free and light weight, eliminating the need for dry cleaning, and is perfect for travel. 


SCAVENGER COUTURE:  One-of-a-kind, gorgeous, handmade wraps of silk chiffon combining the “nuno” tradition of Japanese felting with Merino Wool fibers. These are the perfect special occasions accessory for anytime you want that very special statement piece.

Scavenger Couture

ERICA ZAP DESIGNS: Jewelry with contemporary looks, exposing beauty through simplicity of form by using metals, stones, textures, shapes and color to create pieces that are as individual as the women who wear them.

Erica Zap Designs

Stop in and see us during ALL the seasons of change in your lives!

Wishing you all the best in 2015!

 ~Joy and Ken Silverman and your entire Nimbus staff

New Clothing Line in the Women’s Department…

We are pleased to announce the introduction and arrival of our new clothing line…Komarov!


Shelley Komarov immigrated from St. Petersburg, Russia where she was a costume designer for the Kirov Ballet in Russia. When she arrived in Los Angeles in 1978, she sought a career in costume design for film and television. She has received four Emmy Awards for her work and has designed for some of Hollywood’s most recognized actors, which include Nicole Kidman, Halle Berry, Matthew McConaughey, Jack Lemmon and George Clooney to name a few!

As a costume designer, she had to travel the world and live out of her suitcase. This proved to be frustrating because garments don’t always travel well. So, she designed a line that combines unique fabric processing, signature detailing, natural conformity to the wearer’s body shape and hand printed pieces of which no two are exactly the same.

The collection is hand and/or machine washable, wrinkle free and light weight which eliminates the need for dry cleaning and is perfect for business or leisurely travel. Needless to to say, Mrs. Komarov understands how clothing should fit and how our busy lives should not be hindered by the care of our clothing.